1913:   Philadelphia.  Annual Water Color and Miniature Exhibitions.  The Pennsylvania
Academy of the Fine Arts.  November 9 to December 14.
Under the Bridge (etching, illustrated in catalogue, no. 413 of exhibition)
Old Water Street (No. 420)

1914:   New York.  Group show.  MacDowell Club, 108 West 55th Street.  March 19-29.
The Port (No. 10)
River and City (No. 11)
Poplar Street (No. 12)
Motive:  The Subway Station (No. 13)
Motive:  Forms in Environment (No. 14)

1915:   Rochester, NY.  Exhibition of Paintings by W. Elmer Schofield and a Collection of
Paintings  Representative of The Modern Movement in American Art.  The Memorial Art
Gallery.  February 16 to March 7.
Subway Station (No. 45)[as by “James Doherty”]

New York.  The Immigrant in America.  Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney’s Studio Club, 8
West 8th Street.  November 15 to December 15.
Painting (No. 25)[as “James Dougherty, New York City”]

1916:   New York.  New York Society of Etchers, Montross Gallery, 550 Fifth Avenue.
October 31-November 11.
One etching (Brooklyn Bridge)

 1917:   New York.  Group show.  The Penguin, 8 East 15th Street.  March 26-Apri 18.
The Acrobat (No. 22)
Study (No. 37)
Study (No. 40)
Three Base Hit (No. 47)
Figures (No. 72)
Study (No. 84)
Study (No. 96)
Study (No. 97)
Study (No. 98)
Painted Screen ‘Greater New York’ No. 107)

New York.  First Annual Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists.  Grand Central
Palace, 46th Street and Lexington Avenue.  April 10-May 6.
Study (No. 9)
Study (No. 10)

New York.  Exhibition and Sale of Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Etchings at The            Penguin.  October 27-November 9.
Three Base Hit (No. 78a)[as “James Dougherty”]

1918:   New York.  Exhibition Contemporary Art.  The Penguin.  March 16-April 6.  Other
exhibitors included Dove, Bruce, Davis, Hartley, Benton, Picabia.
Chinoisene (No. 109)

1920:   New York.  Fourth Annual Exhibition of The Society of Independent Artists.  Waldorf
Astoria, 34th Street and Fifth Avenue.  March 11-April 1.
Movement (No. 161)

New York.  Group show.  Societe Anonyme, 19 East 47th Street.  April 30-June 15.
Other exhibitors included Brancusi, Bruce, Duchamp, Gris, May Ray, Picabia,
Ribemont-Dessaignes, Schamberg, Stella, Villon, van Gogh, Vogeler.  (No checklist.)

1921:   New York.  Societe Anonyme at Colony Club (January 18) and Manhattan Trade
School for Girls (January 29).

New York.  Fifth Annual Exhibition of The Society of Independent Artists.  Waldorf
Astoria, 34th Street and Fifth Avenue.  February 26-March 24.
The Angel (No. 197)

Philadelphia.  Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings Showing the Later Tendencies in
Art.  The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  April 16-May 15.
Still Life (No. 13)
Crossing the Plains (No. 22)
The Hands of Moses (No. 135)

New York.  An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture by American Artists
Showing the Later Tendencies in Art.   The Wanamaker Gallery (Belmaison).  June 9-?.
Drawing (Pastel) (No. 16)
The Golden Age (No. 17)

Worcester, Mass.  Exhibition of Paintings by Members of the Societe Anonyme.
Worcester Art Museum.  November 3-December 5.
Mural Decoration.

1922:   Northampton, Mass.  Societe Anonyme.  Smith College.  January 7-February 5.
Mural Decoration

Detroit.  Societe Anonyme.  Detroit Institute of Fine Arts.  March-April 5.
Mural Decoration

New York.  Sixth Annual Exhibition of The Society of Independent Artists.  Waldorf
Astoria, 34th Street and Fifth Avenue.  March 11-April 2.
Oratorio (No. 156)

New York.  Modern Artists of America, Inc., Exhibition by Members.  John Brummer
Galleries, 43 East 57th Street.  April 1-30.
Painting (No. 19)
Still Life (No. 20)(illustrated in catalogue)

New York.  Societe Anonyme.  MacDowell Club.  April 24-May 8.
Mural Decoration

Rochester, N.Y.  A Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by George Leonard Herdle and a
Collection of Mural Decorations and Room Motifs by the Society of Mural Painters.  The
Memorial Art Gallery.  November.
Model of Small Room in Theatre (No. 89)
Sketch for Mural (No. 90)
Sketch for Mural (No. 91)
Sketch for Mural (No. 92)
Ethiopia (No. 93)

Pittsburgh.  Carnegie Institute.  A repeat of the Rochester exhibition of works by the
Society of Mural Painters.

1923:   New York.  Seventh Annual Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists.  Waldorf
Astoria, 34th Street and Fifth Avenue.  February 24-March 18.
Painting (No. 136a)
Painting (No. 137a)

Poughkeepsie, New York.  Exhibition of Paintings by Modern MastersLoaned by
Societe Anonyme, New York.  Vassar College.  April 4-May 12.
Mural Decoration (No. 22 of exhibition titled Wall Decoration)

New York.  Second Annual Exhibition of Modern Artists of America, Incorporated.
Watercolors and Drawings.  Joseph Brummer Galleries, 43 East 57th St.  April 21-May 12.
The Departure (No. 7)
Fishermen (No. 8)

Detroit.  A Collection of Works by the Modernist-Expressionist Groups.  Detroit Art
Institute.  August 31-September 9.
Mural Decoration (No. 41 of exhibition, titled Wall Decoration)

1924:   New York.  Eighth Annual Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists.  Waldorf
Astoria, 34 Street and Fifth Avenue.  March 7-30.
Painted Curtain (No. 219)

New York.  The Salons of America.  Spring Salon at Anderson Galleries, 489 Park
Avenue at 59th Street.  May 20-31.
Baseball (No. 61)

New York.  The Salons of America.  Anderson Galleries, 489 Park Avenue at 59th
Street October 7-19.
Painted chest (No. 33a)

1926:   Philadelphia.  Sesquicentennial International Exposition.  Mural-panels for the
Thomas Cook Pavilion.  June 1-December 1.

1926-27: Brooklyn, New York.  International Exhibition of Modern Art arranged by the
Societe Anonyme for the Brooklyn Museum.  November 18, 1926-January 9, 1927.
Wall Decoration (No. 234 of exhibition)

1928:   New York.  Sunwise Turn Bookshop, 53 East 44th Street.  October 1-15.  One-
man show.
Watercolors, book illustrations, etchings.

1930:   Darien, Conn.  Darien Guild of the Seven Arts, Guild Hall.  April 5-19.  One-
man show.
Drawings and watercolors.

New York.  American Lithographic Co. Galleries, 52 East 19th Street.  December.
One-man show.

Darien, Conn.  Darien Guild Hall.  Small Picture Show.  December.
Four paintings.

1931:   Brooklyn, NY.  Brooklyn Museum of Art.  Water Color Paintings, Pastels and Drawings by American and European Artists.  January 23 – February 24.
One drawing.

Norwalk, Conn.  Silvermine Tavern Galleries.  February 7-March 2.   One-man
Paintings, watercolors and drawings.

Darien, Conn.  Darien Guild Hall.  Fifth annual small picture show.  December.

1933:   New York.  Montross Gallery.  American artists (group show).  November.

New York. Montross Gallery.  “Exhibitions of a Group of Silvermine Artists”
(group show).  Dec. 12-30.
Sketch for Mural (No. 25)
Landscape (No. 26)
Portrait (No. 27)
Campo Beach (No. 28)
Yankee Trilogy (No. 29, shown in window)
Pastels and drawings

1935:   Washington, D.C.  First Annual Exhibition of Mural Designs and Sculpture Models
by Appointed and Competing Artists Submitted for Federal Building Projects.  The
Corcoran Gallery of Art.  October 27 to November 21.

1936:   Stamford, Conn.  Traveling Art Show under the WPA project.  Ferguson
Library.  February 15-29.  Then other venues in the state.
Struggle, oil
Escape, oil

 1938:   New York.  Macbeth Gallery.  (See Societe Anonyme catalog 1950, p. 182). (?)

New York.  Riverside Museum, Riverside Drive and 103rd Street.  “Social Statement” by members of the Silvermine Guild of Artists.  June-July.
It’s Fun To Be Neutral oil painting

1939:   Boston.  Federal Art Projects.  May 1-?.
Irises, oil 30 x 16.

Norwalk, Conn.  Silvermine Guild of Artists.  June 10-23.
Paintings, drawings, mural sketches.
May Day Celebration
Mural sketches: (The History of Connecticut: 1. Conquest of Wilderness, 2. The Puritan
State, 3. The Modern Age, 4. The Sound

Washington, D.C.  Federal Arts Projects.  July 24-?.
Historical Episodes in New England, oil

1946:   New York.  New York Public Library.  Dates?

1954:   Westport, Conn.  An Exhibition of Some Work of James Daugherty.  Women’s Club.
The Doubter
The Pharisees House
Black and Green
The Prodigal Son
Southern Flight
Fifth Avenue Bus
The Prophet
Prayer for World Peace
Portable Bomb Shelter
The Booby Trap
“Small panels”:
Westport Civilian Defense
The Young Friends
Point of Departure
Tiger Lilies
Yellow Iris
Five Miles Down
Drawings, etchings, pastels and caseins

1956:   Brooklyn, New York.  Drawings and Sketches by James Daugherty.  Pratt Institute.
May, 1956.

1956:   San Francisco.  San Francisco Public Library, Achenbach Foundation for
Graphic Arts.  One-man show.  May-June.  Drawings and sketches demonstrating
the steps in the illustration of The  Rainbow Book of American History.

1965:   New Canaan, Conn.  Silvermine Guild of the Arts.  One-man show.  Dates?

New York.  Synchromism and Color Principles in American Painting, 1910-1930.
M. Knoedler & Co., Inc. October 12-November 6.  Artists represented included Morgan
Russell, Macdonald-Wright, Bruce, Frost, Benton, Van Everen.
Two-sided canvas:  Recto:  Untitled (1920); Verso:  Moses (1922)
Mural Decoration

 1967-68:  Circulating tour organized by New York’s Museum of Modern Art.
Synchromism and Related Principles in American Painting.  Daughtery represented by
Simultaneous Contrasts.
Tour dates and locations as follows:
Feb. 4-26, 1967:  State University College, Oswego, New York
Mar. 20-Apr. 23, 1967: Santa Barbara (Cal.) Museum of Art
May 10-31, 1967: California Institute of Arts, Los Angeles, Cal.
Sept. 15-Oct. 8, 1967: Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio
Oct. 22-Nov, 26, 1967: Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass.
Jan 2-30, 1968: Museum of Art, School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island
Feb. 12-Mar. 5, 1968: Goucher College, Towson, Maryland
Apr. 2-23, 1968: Cummer Gallery of Art, Jacksonville, Florida
May 13-June 17, 1968: San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, Cal.

1971:   New York.  Museum of Modern Art.  “Ways of Looking”.  Closed November 1,
Simultaneous Contrasts, 1918, oil on canvas

New York.  James H. Daugherty.  Robert Schoelkopf Gallery.  December 4-31.
Still Life, c. 1915, oil on wood panel, 10 x 15
Woods, c. 1915-16 [double-sided], oil on wood panel, 18-1/4 x 20-3/8
Study for “Picnic”, oil on canvas, 13 x 18
Picnic, 1915-16, oil on canvas, 28-1/4 x 38-1/4
Washington Square, four sketches, 12-3/4 x 19-3/4
My First Essay in Simultaneous Contrast, 1916-17, pastel 11-3/4 x 18-1/2
Simultaneous Contrasts, 1918, oil on canvas, lent by MOMA
Untitled, 1918, oil on canvas, 24-1/2 x 18 (Reed)
Mural Decoration, lent by Yale
Connecticut Landscape [now New Jersey Landscape] 1914-15, o/c, 16 x 20
Seated Nude, Back View, 1915-16, crayon on paper, 11-34 x 9
Standing Nude, Oct. 3, 1916, crayon on paper, 16-3/4 x 8-1/4
Standing Nude, Right Arm Raised, 1915-16, crayon on paper, 15-1/4 x 7-3/4
Back of a Nude, 1915-16, charcoal on paper, 15-1/4 x 7-3/4
Cityscape, oil on Masonite, 10-3/4 x 7-3/4
Brooklyn Bridge, dated 1944, oil on canvas,
Tigerlilies, 1953, oil on paper on Masonite, 13 x 8
Jack in the Pulpits, oil on wood, 11-3/4 x 7-1/2
Dark Sea, oil
House near Weston, oil on canvas, 28 x 38
Irises, 1953, oil on canvas, 16 x 12
Pioneer Family, oil on canvas, 40 x 41
Abstraction, Sept. 13, 1968, pastel on paper, 16-1/2 x 22-1/2
Fifth Avenue Bus, oil on Masonite, 29 x 21
Nash’s Warehouse, oil on canvas, 22 x 32
Space Forms, c. 1965, oil canvas board, 23-3/4 x 20
Bethel, c. 1965-71, oil on canvas, 68 x 48
Abstraction, oil on canvas, 36 x 24
Abstraction, Aug 16, 1968, pastel on paper, 13-3/4 x 11
Pisgah, Sept. 1, 1968, pastel on paper, 12-3/4 x 9-5/8
Cape Canaveral, 1965, oil on canvas, 72 x 49
Abstraction, June 28, 1969, pastel on paper, 9-1/2 x 7-3/4

 1972:   Brooklyn, New York.  Pratt Institute. One-man show. Between Oct. 25, 1971 and
March 20, 1972.

Greensboro, North Carolina.  Art on Paper 1972.  Weatherspoon Art Gallery,
University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  November  12-December 19.
One gouache (War Is Hell, 1915) (No. 89)

1973:   Montclair, New Jersey.  James H. Daugherty: Retrospective Exhibition, Montclair
Art Museum.  January 28-March 25.
Still Life (1915), oil on wood panel, 10 x 15
Study for Picnic (1915-16), oil on canvas, 13 x 17-7/8
Abstract Composition (1918) oil on canvas 24 x 18 (Reed Collection)
Simultaneous Contrasts (1918) oil on canvas 35-3/4 x 40-1/2 (MOMA)
Two-sided canvas: Recto: Untitled (1920); Verso: Moses (1922) (Tobin)
Mural Decoration (1922-23), oil on burlap, 76 x 74-1/2 (Yale)
Abstraction (1930s), oil on canvas, 24 x 18
Brooklyn Bridge (1944), oil on Masonite, 14 x 18
Cityscape (c. 1940), oil on Masonite, 20-3/4 x 7-3/4
The Doubting Thomas (late 1940s), oil on canvas, 37-1/2 x 86-1/2
Discs and Triangles (1950), oil on canvas 37-1/2 x 86-1/2
Irises (1953), oil on canvas 16 x 12
Portable Bomb Shelter (1953), oil on canvas, 20 x 26
Dark Sea (1953), oil on Masonite 9-3/4 x 14-1/8
Jesus and the Magdalene (1954), oil on canvas, 41-1/2 x 41-1/2
The Story Hour (1954), oil on canvas board, 20 x 24 (Tessler)
Nash’s Warehouse (1955), oil on canvas, 22 x 32
Tensions (1957), oil on canvas, 58 x 42
The Safe Driver (1958), oil on canvas, 40 x 39 (Tessler)
Peniel (c. 1950) acrylic on canvas, 96 x 60
Pioneer Family (1950s), oil on canvas, 40 x 41, (Univ. of Virginia)
Abstract [#45] (1950s), oil on board, 20 x 16
Still Life with Yellow Bowl (late 1950s), oil on canvas, 15-1/2 x 31
Birds Migrating (1960), oil on canvas, 38 x 26 (Camargo)
Cape Canaveral (1960), oil on canvas 72 x 48
4 Panel Square (1964-65), acrylic on canvas, ea. 50 x 50
Synchromist Catalog Cover (1965), oil on canvas, 15-1/2 x 33-1/2 (Reed)
Between Two Worlds (1968), oil on canvas, 24 x 36 (Montclair Art Museum)
Abstract [#9] (c.1960s), oil on canvas, 36 x 24
Simultaneous Color Planes (1970), 68-3/4 x 48
11 works on paper

Bridgeport, Conn.  Artists’ Showcase.  Museum of Art, Science & Industry.  May 4-
June 16.  Other exhibitors were Charles Daugherty and Lisa Lindsay Daugherty.
Poppies, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 (Mr. & Mrs. Charles Butler)
Farewell to Arms, oil on canvas, 39 x 48
Tensions, oil on canvas, 58 x 42
Cape Canaveral, oil on canvas, 72 x 48
Nash’s Warehouse, oil on canvas, 22 x 32
Altar to the Unknown God, acrylic on canvas, 78 x 113-1/2
Peniel, acrylic on canvas, 96-60, verso, political painting
Simultaneous Color Planes, oil on canvas, 68 x 48
Two pastels

Southhampton, New York.  The Students of William Merritt Chase.  Parrish Art Museum.
September 28-November 11.
The Thames, from River Embankment, oil on wood panel, c. 1905 (No. 58)
The Day the Sun Stood Still, oil on canvas, 1961 (No. 59)

Huntington, New York.  The Students of William Merritt Chase.,/span>  Heckscher Museum
November 18-December 30.
The Thames, from River Embankment (No. 58)
The Day the Sun Stood Still (No. 59)

1974:   Greensboro, North Carolina. 1974 Art of Paper.  Weatherspoon Art Gallery,
University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  November 17-December 15.
One gouache (Study for a Mural, c. 1918-20) (No. 19)

1974-75:  New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Contemporary American Illustrators of
Children’s Books.
Rutgers University Art Gallery.  October 6-November 17, 1974.
Five works on paper (illustrations) (Nos. 30-34)
This exhibition also appeared at the following institutions:
National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C., December 13, 1974-Feb. 2, 1975.
Delaware Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, February 14-March 30, 1975
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia, June 24-August 3, 1975.
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut, September 2-October 12, 1975.

1975:   New York.  Robert Schoelkopf Gallery. “Four Americans”.  Jan. 7-31.
Patrick Henry Bruce (3), James Daugherty (13), Jan Matulka (11), Jay Van Everen (9)
Works by Daugherty in the exhibition:
Woods, oil on panel, 18-1/4 x 20-3/8
Still Life, oil on panel, 10 x 15
Flight Into Egypt, oil on canvas
Moses, pastel on paper
Fifth Avenue Bus, charcoal and gouache, 21-1/2 x 27-1/2
Ladies with Red Parasol, 1917, 19 x 13-3/4
War Is Hell, 1917, 19-1/4 x 19-1/4
Standing Nude, Arms Behind Back, pastel, 14-1/2 x 6
Standing Nude, 18-3/4 x 12
Abstraction, 11-3/4 x 8-3/4
The Yellow Sail, pastel, 1917, 11 x 14
Washington Square, 4 panels, 12-3/4 x 19-3/4
Seated Nude, pastel 1916, 13-1/2 x 9-3/4

New Canaan, Conn.  One-man retrospective show.  Silvermine Guild of the Arts.
August 16-September 10, 1975.
Abstraction #225
Space Forms
Mrs. S’s Flight
Abstraction #45
Simultaneous Color Planes
Three Robed Figures (Dante)
Abstraction #227
Abstraction #27
Before the Mountains Were Brought Forth
Northeastern Autumn
Northeastern Landscape with Yellow Tree
Two Pastels

Wilmington. Avant-Garde Painting and Sculpture in America 1910-25. Delaware Art
Museum.  Co-sponsored by the University of Delaware.  April 4-May18, 1975.
Flight into Egypt

1976:   Westport, Conn.  Westport Artists of the Past.  Westport Public Library.  June 12-
30.  Other artists represented included John Steuart Curry, Arthur Dove, Guy Pene du
Bois, Everett Shinn, Charles Prendergast.
Nash’s Warehouse
One pastel

1978-79: New York: Synchromism and American Color Abstraction 1910-1925.  The
Whitney Museum of American Art.  January 24-March 26.  This exhibition also
appeared at the following institutions:
Houston:  Museum of Fine Arts.  April 20-June 18.
Des Moines:  Des Moines Art Center.  July 6-September 3.
San Francisco:  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  September 22-November 19.
Syracuse:  Everson Museum of Art.  December 15, 1978-January 28, 1979.
Columbus, Ohio:  Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts.  February 15-March 24.
The exhibition included works by Benton, Bluemner, Carles, Cramer, Dasburg,
Davies, Dawson, Delaunay, Dove, Frost, Macdonald-Wright, Matulka, Maurer,
O’Keeffe, Russell, Sayen, Schamberg, Stella, Van Everen, Weber, others.
Mural Decoration
Simultaneous Contrasts
Flight into Egypt
Two-sided canvas: Recto: Untitled; Verso:  Moses
One gouache; three color reproductions from the New York Sunday Herald.

1978:   New York: Tradition and Modernism in American Art 1900-1925.  The Whitney
Museum of American Art.  May 25-June 25.  The exhibition travelled to the Gibbes
Art Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina.

1979:   New York:  James Daugherty:  Synchromist Paintings and Pastels.  Sid Deutsch
Gallery.  September 8-October 6.
Works exhibited included:
Simultaneous Color Planes (1969), oil on canvas, 68 x 48

New York:  Tradition and Modernism in American Art 1900-1930.  The Whitney
Museum of American Art.  September 11-November 11.

1983:   Brooklyn, New York:  The Great East River Bridge, 1883-1983.  The Brooklyn
Museum.  March 19-June 19.
Brooklyn Bridge (1944) (No. 58)

Montclair, New Jersey:  The World of A.B. Frost:  His Family and Their Circle.
Montclair Art Museum.  April 24-June 19.
Study for Picnic (No. 76)
One Drawing

New York:  American Realist Works on Paper. Robert  Schoelkopf Gallery.
Sept. ?-28.

Westport, Conn.  James Daugherty:  An Exhibition of Work from Seven Decades.
Westport-Weston Arts Council Gallery in Town Hall.  September 2-25.
Peniel, oil on canvas, 96 x 60
The Angel of the Apocalypse, oil on canvas 91-1/2 x 53-1/2
Simultaneous Color Planes, oil on canvas, 69 x 48
Farewell to Arms, oil on canvas, 38 x 48
Simultaneous, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50
Cape Canaveral, oil on canvas, 72 x 48
Tensions, oil on canvas, 57-1/2 x 42
Aldrin, oil on canvas, 66 x 42
Five Figures, oil on unsized muslin, 76 x 117
Flight into Egypt, oil on unsized muslin, 65 x 46
Two Figures with Horses, oil on canvas, 49-1/2 x 41
Altar to the Unknown God, acrylic on canvas, 78 x 113
Abstract, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 33
Nine, oil on canvas, 42 x 36
Park Wald, 4 panels, acrylic on canvas, 96 x 96
John Vassos, oil on canvas, 42 x 36
New England Church, oil on canvas 41-1/4 x 30-3/8
Will Canfield’s House, oil on canvas, 36 x 46 [28 x 38 according to Curtis Galleries]
Nash’s Warehouse, oil on canvas, 23 x 33
Picnic, oil on canvas, 28-1/4 x 38-1/4
Saugatuck Coal Yard, oil on canvas, 28 x 36
The Float, oil on canvas, 53 x 37-1/4
Still Life, oil on canvas 16 x 20
Watercolors, drawings, decorative arts

1986:   Venice, Italy:  Futurismo & Futurismi.  Palazzo Grassi.  Dates?
One gouache and ink on paper (Three Base Hit)

1987-88:  St. Louis:  The Ebsworth Collection:  American Modernism, 1911-1947.  The Saint Art Museum.  November 20, 1987-January 3, 1988.  This exhibition also appeared
at the following institutions:
Honolulu Academy of Arts, February 3-March 15, 1988.
Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, April 6-June 5, 1988.
One pastel (No. 13)

1988:   New York: Painting America:  Mural Art in the New Deal Era.  Midtown Galleries
in association with Janet Marqusee Fine Arts.  March 2-April 9.  This exhibition
also appeared at the following institution:
The Squibb Gallery, Princeton, New Jersey, April 17-May 12.
Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, Kansas, July 17-September 4.
4 works on paper.

Denver:  Early American Modernism:  The Lucile and Donald Graham Collection.
Denver Art Museum.  July 9-September 11.
One work on paper.

New York:  James Daugherty.  Salander-O-Reilly Galleries.  October 4-29.
The exhibition included 20 paintings and 20 works on paper.
Outward Bound for Freedom, 1918
Wall Decoration (as “Daniel Boone”)
History of Manhattan (c.1920-25)
Shoe Shine (c.1930)
Figures on a Porch (c.1930)
New Jersey Landscape (c.1912)
New York City from Fort Lee (c.1912)

New York:  New York Inspired:  Past and Present.  John Szoke Gallery.  October 21
November 19.
Works on paper.

1989:   Westport, Conn.:  Loan exhibition of 60 works from the Westport Public
Schools Collection.  Westport Arts Center.  June 16-July 9.

1989-90:  New York:  James Daugherty:  Biblical Inspirations.  Salander-O’Reilly
Galleries.  December 22, 1989-February 28, 1990.
Exhibition of 34 works on paper (casein or gouache).

1990:   New London, Conn.:  Director’s Choice.  Lyman Allyn Art Museum.  June 24-
September 2, 1990.
Arrival of the 6:20

1990-91:  Fort Worth, Texas.  Modernist Drawings and Watercolors.  Amon Carter
Museum.  August 31, 1990-January 6, 1991.
Drawing (ink, watercolor, gouache) on paper

1991:   Bridgeport, Conn.:  A Color Heritage:  From Synchromism to Computer Art.
Discovery Museum.  Mar.?-31.
Washington Square
Joy in the Morning
Color Swirl
Abstract No. 9
Cape Canaveral
The Angel of the Apocalypse

Evanston, Illinois:  The Modernist Tradition in American Watercolors 1911-1939.
Northwestern University, Mary and Leigh Block Gallery.  April 5-June 22.
One watercolor.

1993:   St. Joseph, Missouri:  Under the Influence:  The Students of Thomas Hart Benton.
The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art.  April 15-August 30.
Two works on paper.

1994:   Storrs, Conn.  Art in Connecticut:  Between World Wars.  William Benton Museum
of Art.  March 29-May 22.  Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London, June 19-September 4.
Landscape, Weston Road
Arrival of the 6:20 (?)

Roslyn Harbor, New York:  American Realism Between the Wars:  1919 to 1941.
Nassau County Museum of Art.  April 10-June 5.
One work on paper.

1994-95:  New York:  Planes, Trains & Automobiles:  Machine Age America.  Michael
Rosenfeld Gallery, 24 West 57th St.  November 17, 1994-January 28, 1995.
One work on paper.

1995:   New York:  James Daugherty.  Salander-O’Reilly Galleries.  July 5-28.
Brooklyn Bridge
Camp Joy
Wall Decoration (as “Daniel Boone”)
Mississippi River
21 works on paper

Chicago, Illinois:  In the Eye of the Storm:  An Art of Conscience 1930-1970 – Selections from the Collection of Philip J. & Suzanne Schiller.  Terra Museum of Art.  October 27, 1995-January 7, 1996.  Also Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, S.C., January 24, 1996-March 31, 1996;  Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, April 12, 1996-June 23, 1996; Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, Tennessee, July 19, 1996-September 29, 1996;  The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, N.Y., October 26, 1996-January 5, 1997; Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida, March 8, 1997-April 20, 1997; Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 23, 1998-March 22, 1998.
One work on paper (Study for Illinois Pastoral, 1939)

New York:  From Omaha to Abstract Expressionism:  American Artists Respond to World War II.
Sidney Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, City University of New York.  November 10-December 14.
One work on paper

1996-97:  Norfolk, Virginia.  Myth, Magic, and Mystery:  One Hundred Years of
Children’s Book Illustration.  The Chrysler Museum of Art.  June 2 – September 8.  Also The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee, November 3, 1996 – January 6, 1997, and The Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, February 7- April 6, 1997.
Two drawings (illustrations).

Little Rock, Arkansas.  1996 Collector’s Show.  The Arkansas Art Center.  December 6, 1996 – January 5, 1997.
One pastel on paper (No. 229, Joie de Vivre)

 1996:   New York.  NYNY:  City of Ambition.  Whitney Museum of American Art.  July
3 – October 27, 1996.
Three futurist cartoons for The New York Herald:  April 12, 1914 (Futurist Picture of the   Opening Game), May 31, 1914 (Coney Island), January 31, 1915 (Broadway Nights) color reproductions as printed on these dates.

Darien, Connecticut.  Exhibition of Original Book Illustrations by James Daugherty. Darien Library.  October 2-November 4.
31 works including two oils on Masonite (Four Score and Seven Years Ago; A New Nation
Conceived in Liberty)
, one dummy for a book, one lithograph, 27 works on paper.

1997:   New York.  The Color of Modernism:  The American Fauves.  Hollis Taggart
Galleries.  April 29-July 26.
Study for Picnic
New Jersey Landscape
One work on paper

New York.  Shall We Dance?  Susan Teller Gallery, 568 Broadway.  July 10-August 28.  One Drawing

Weston, Connecticut.  Collected Works from the Studios of James, Lisa Lindsay and Charles Daugherty.  Weston Town Hall and Library.  July 27-September 21.
Sunny Side Up
Held’s Pond
Held’s Barns
Jockey Club [formerly Saugatuck Coal Yard]
Weston Road
New England Landscape with Yellow Tree [as Yellow Tree]
All the Way to New Orleans
Untitled [Cat. Rais. #60] [as Simultaneous Contrasts]
Two book illustrations:  Four Score and Seven Years Ago; A New Nation
Eleven drawings

Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Our Century:  Selections.  Housatonic Museum of Art.  October 25-December 13.
The First Billion Years, 23-1/2 x 17-1/2 (sight), oil on canvas-board

1997-98:  Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Colors:  Contrasts & Cultures.  The Discovery
Museum.  September 28, 1997-January 4, 1998.
Mountain Sunrise, 16 x 12, oil on board

 1998:  Poughkeepsie, New York.  Heroic America:  James Daugherty’s Mural Drawings
from the 1930s.  The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College.  April 3-June 7.
46 works on paper.
This exhibition also appeared at:
Stamford Historical Society, Stamford, Connecticut, September 10-November 21,
with the addition of the mural “Life and Times of General Israel Putnam”.

New York.  In the Good Old Summertime.  Jensen Fine Arts, 4 East 77th Street.
May 13-April 17.
Three works on paper

1999:   New York.  Works on Paper.  Hollis Taggart Galleries, 48 East 73rd Street.
March 13-April 17.
Three works on paper.

Storrs, Connecticut.  The American Style:  Painting and Drawings of the 30s and 40s
William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut.  June 13-August 15.
Two works on paper

New York.  American Modernism:  The Francoise & Harvey Rambach Collection.
Gerald Peters Gallery, 24 East 78th Street.  September 30-November 20.
Three works on paper.

2000:   New Canaan, Connecticut.  Group Show.  Silvermine Guild Galleries.  February
13-March 12.
Jockey Club
Space Forms
Synchromy in Yellow
1 sculpture in wood
Ten pastels on paper

New York.  American Gone Modern:  From the Twenties to the Sixties.  Spanierman
Gallery.  45 East 58th Street.  March 11-April 29.
The Comforter 15-1/2 x 31 inches
Six pastels on paper

Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Making Your Mark on the Museum’s Walls:  Mural Studies from the Museum Collection.  Discovery Museum.  July 10-August 11.
Four mural panels:  Fall; Winter; Spring; Summer (1935) painted for ‘Woodfield’.

2001:   New York.  Two Hundred Years of American Watercolors, Pastels, and Drawings.
Spanierman Gallery.  45 East 58th Street.  April 16-June 30.
Two pastels on paper

New York.  Homage to the Square:  Picturing Washington Square, 1890-1965.
Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc.  11 East 70th Street.  May 23-July 13.
Washington Square 28 x 39-1/8 inches
One work on paper

2001-02:  Fort Worth, Texas.  Revealed Treasures:  Drawings and Watercolors from the
Amon Carter Museum.  Amon Carter Museum.  Oct. 21, 2001 – Feb. 10, 2002.
One work on paper

2002:   New York.  James Daugherty:  Late Abstractions.  Spanierman Gallery.  June 6-
July 6.
Portable Bomb Shelter, 1953
Abstractions, c. 1955 32 x 16 inches
Tensions, 1957
Aldrin, 1958
Abstract Number 9, c. 1960
Abstraction, c. 1958 84-1/2 x 42-1/2 inches
Abstraction (Interlocking Angles), c. 1960 40 x 32 inches
Abstraction (Verticals and Horizontals), c. 1955 30 x 18 inches
Yellow Sun, 1961
The Day the Sun Stood Still, 1961
Abstraction of Red Sun, c. 1960
Abstraction, 1965, 24 x 20 inches
The Road to Damascus, 1963
Abstraction, c. 1965 20 x 18 inches
Abstraction, c. 1965 16 x 12 inches
Abstraction with White Border, c. 1965
Simultaneous, c. 1965
Abstraction, 1965 60 x 40 inches
Cape Canaveral, 1965
Gravity Zero, 1969
The Weight of Weightlessness, c. 1965
Simultaneous Color planes, 1969
Altar to the Unknown Bod, c. 1970-71
Abstraction, c. 1970 96 x 60 inches
Sagittarius, c. 1970
Abstraction, c. 1970 46 x 36 inches
August 28-29, 1972
38 pastels on paper

 2003:   Asheville, North Carolina.  James Daugherty: American Modernist.  Asheville Art
Museum.  June 6-August 24, 2003.
Numerous oils, acrylics lent by Spanierman Gallery and Weatherspoon Art
Museum of Univ. of N.C., Greensboro.

2004:   East Hampton, New York.  James Daugherty: Late Abstractions.  Spanierman
Gallery at East Hampton.  August 5-30, 2004
30 oils, acrylics and pastels from the 2002 exhibition at Spanierman in New York City

2006:   Westport, Connecticut.  James Daugherty, book illustrator and author
Westport Public Library.  March 1-April 7, 2006
10 drawings

New York.  James Daugherty.  Susan Teller Gallery.  April 8 – May 25, 2006
New York City from Fort Lee
New Jersey Landscape
Cannon Fodder
(At Sea) for Knickerbocker’s History of New York
(The Battle)   “
(Peter Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam)  “
Nantucket Holiday
High Key
Seated Female Nude
17 works on paper

Westport, Connecticut.  James Daugherty’s America:  Patriotism and Participation
Westport Public Library.  May 16-June 15, 2006.
1 painting (Overmantle for Westport YMCA, 1926)
6 drawings/watercolors
6 posters, 2 prints

2006-13:  Los Angeles.  The Societe Anonyme:  Modernism for America.  Hammer
Museum.  April 23-August 20, 2006.  Also The Phillips Collection, Washington,
D.C., October 14, 2006-January 21, 2007;  Dallas Museum of Art, June 10-
September 16, 2007;  First Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, October 26,
2007-February 3, 2008;  Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, December
12, 2012-July 14, 2013.
Wall Decoration

2007:  Poughkeepsie, New York.  For the People: American Mural Drawings of the 1930s and 1940s.  Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College, January 12-March 11, 2007.
3 works on paper

2008:   New York.  Mural Studies from 1917 to 1946.   Susan Teller Gallery.  March 1-29,
21 works on paper
1 print

2008-09:  Boca Raton, Florida.  American Modernism 1920-1950:  Selections from the
Permanent Collection.  Boca Museum of Art.  September 2, 2008 – January 18, 2009.
One watercolor

2010:   New York:  Gallery Selections.  Spanierman Modern.  July 7-August 7, 2010.
Tensions (1957)

2012:   New York:  James Daugherty.  Spanierman Modern.  February 23-March 24,
Abstract Construction (c. 1965)
Abstraction (c. 1958)
Abstraction (1965)
Abstraction (c. 1970)
Abstraction (Verticals and Horizontals) (c. 1955)
Abstraction with White Border (c. 1965)
Aldrin (1958)
Cape Canaveral (1965)
Gravity Zero (1969)
Mountain Sunrise (c. 1965)
Rectangle Abstraction (c. 1955)
The Road to Damascus (1963)
Sagittarius (c. 1970)
Synchromist Landscape (1933)
Tensions (1957)
Truth, Mind, Life, Love (1960s)
The Weight of Weightlessness (c. 1965)
27 works on paper

2012-13:  Waterbury, Connecticut.  Art for Everyone:  The Federal Art Project in Connecticut. Mattatuck Museum.  September 14, 2012-February 5, 2013
Arrival of the 6:20
One work on paper

2015:  New York:  America Is Hard to See, Whitney Museum  of American Art, May 1 – Sept. 27, 2015.
Three Base Hit (1914)

2016:  Waterbury, Connecticut.  Champion of Color: James Daugherty.  Mattatuck Museum. June 3 – July 24, 2016.
Abstract Construction
Aldrin, 1958
Brownstones in New York
In the Park
Landscape, 1930s
New Jersey Landscape
New York City from Fort Lee, 1912
Portrait of Van Wyck Brooks
Synchromist Bowl
Tensions, 1957
The Old Mill
Yankee Trilogy
Yellow Store Front
12 works on paper

2017:  Montclair, New Jersey.  Matisse and American Art.  Montclair Art Museum.   February 5 – June 18, 2017.
Two works on paper

2018:  Montclair, New Jersey.  Montclair Art Museum.  May 16 – 20, 2018.
One pastel.

2018-19:  Old Lyme, Connecticut.  Paper Trail: American Prints, Drawings, Watercolors. Florence Griswold Museum.  September 29, 2018 – January 27, 2019.
Six works on paper.

2019:  West Hartford, Connecticut.  James Daugherty: Fairfield Court Murals and the Portrayal of Family.  Art Museum, University of Saint Joseph, March 29-June 9, 2019.
14 works on paper, 2 maquettes.

2021-22:  Weston, Connecticut.  Weston Slept While the Nation Roared – Life in the Twenties. Weston Historical Society.  July 14, 2021 – January 15, 2022.
Eight works on paper.