This bibliography is in two parts. The first lists the books which were either written by James Daugherty or were illustrated by him. It is in alphabetical order, generally by author. The second part is a compilation of the books, articles and audio-visual materials with references to James Daugherty.

When Daugherty moved to Connecticut from New York City in 1923, he had already established his reputation as an accomplished modernist painter, as a pioneering muralist, and as an illustrator for magazines. He had also provided illustrations for a few books by that time. In the ensuing half century, he was destined to become one of America’s foremost book illustrators/authors with 104 books to his credit.

Of the 104 books, Daugherty was the author of 15 of them. His wife, Sonia, wrote eight of them, and his son, Charles, was the author of two. He was breathtakingly prolific; in the year 1928 alone, 11 books were published with his illustrations. His favorite topics were American history, Biblical excerpts, the settling of America, and historical American figures such as Lincoln, Jefferson, Daniel Boone, and Lewis and Clark. His books were published by the leading publishers of the day: Houghton Mifflin, Oxford University Press, Harcourt Brace, Doubleday, Little Brown, Macmillan, Viking, Random House, to mention a few.

He was nationally recognized for his achievements. He was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1940 for his illustrations for his own text of Daniel Boone, and he won two Caldecott Honor medals, in 1938 for his Andy and the Lion and in 1957 for his illustrations for Benjamin Elkin’s Gillespie and the Guards.

I.  Books Illustrated or Written by James Daugherty

Appel, David. Comache. Illustrated by James Daugherty. Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1951.

Aydelotte, Dora. Green Gravel. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1937.

Benet, Stephen Vincent. John Brown’s Body. With drawings by James Daugherty. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Doran, 1930.

Bible. The Kingdom and the Power and the Glory. Selected from the King James version of the Old Testament and decorated by James Daugherty. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1929.

Bible. In the Beginning; Being the First Chapter of Genesis from the King James Version. With designs by James Daugherty. London and New York: Oxford University Press, 1941.

Bruce, Marie. Kris and Kristina. Pictured by James Daugherty. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Page, 1927.

Burrows, Elizabeth. Irene of Tundra Towers. Illustrated by James Daugherty. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Doran, 1928.

Burrows, Elizabeth. Judy of the Whale Gates, the Strange Happenings That Followed the Stranding of the Yacht Aphoon among the Volcanic Islands of Alaska. Illustrated by James Daugherty . Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Doran, 1930.

Calvert, James Francis, A Promise to Our Country: “I Pledge Allegiance . . . “ Pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Whittlesey House, 1961.

Canham, Erwin Dain. The Authentic Revolution. Boston: Christian Science Monitor, 1950.

Carmer, Carl Lamson. American Folklore and Its Old-World Backgrounds.
Chicago: F. E. Compton, 1949.

Carmer, Carl. Deep South. Dust jacket and title page by James Daugherty. New York: Farrar, Rinehart, 1930.

Cellini, Benvenuto. The Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Duffield, Green, 1932.

Chapin, Henry. The Adventures of Johnny Appleseed. Illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: Coward-McCann, 1930.

Chapman, Maristan, pseud. Clue of the Faded Dress. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1938.

Chapman, Maristan, pseud. Girls of Glen Hazard. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1937.

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. New illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: Blue Ribbon Books, 1932.

Cooper, James Fenimore. The Last of the Mohicans. Illustrated by James Daugherty. Cleveland: World Pub. Co., 1957.

Daugherty, Charles Michael. Robert Goddard, Trail Blazer to the Stars. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Macmillan, 1964.

Daugherty, Charles Michael. Wisher. With pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Viking Press, 1960.

Daugherty, James Henry. Abraham Lincoln. Illustrated with lithographs in two colors by the author. New York: Viking Press, 1943.

Daugherty, James Henry. Andy and the Lion. New York: Viking Press, 1938.

Daugherty, James Henry. Daniel Boone. With original lithographs in color by the author. New York: Viking Press, 1939.

Daugherty, James Henry. The Landing of the Pilgrims. Written and illustrated by James Daughert y. New York: Random House, 1950.

Daugherty, James Henry. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. A pictorial interpretation painted by James Daugherty. Chicago: A. Whitman, 1947.

Daugherty, James Henry. The Magna Charta. Written and illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Random House, 1956.

Daugherty, James Henry. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, Pioneers of Oregon. Story and pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Viking Press, 1953.

Daugherty, James Henry. Of Courage Undaunted; Across the Continent with Lewis and Clark. New York: Viking Press, 1951.

Daugherty, James Henry. An Outline of Government in Connecticut. Written & illustrated by James Daugherty. Hartford: Prepared under the direction of the House Committee on Public Information of the Connecticut General Assembly, 1944.

Daugherty, James Henry. The Picnic. A frolic in two colors and three parts by James Daugherty. New York: Viking Press, 1958.

Daugherty, James Henry. Poor Richard. Illustrated with lithographs in two colors by the author. New York: Viking Press, 1941.

Daugherty, James Henry. Trappers and Traders of the Far West. Written and illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Random House, 1952.

Daugherty, James Henry. West of Boston. New York: Viking Press, 1956.

Daugherty, James Henry. The Wild, Wild West. Philadelphia, D. McKay, 1948.

Daugherty, James Henry. William Blake. With reproductions of drawings by William Blake. New York: Viking Press, 1960.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. All Things New. Illustrated by James Daugherty. l New York: T. Nelson, 1936.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. Mashinka’s Secret. With twenty-eight illustrations by James Daughert y. New York: F. A. Stokes, 1932.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. Ten Brave Men, Makers of the American Way. With drawings by James Daugherty. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1954.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. Ten Brave Women. With drawings by James Daugherty. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1953.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. Thomas Jefferson: Fighter for Freedom and Human Rights. With illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: F. Ungar Co., 1961.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. Vanka’s Donkey. With illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: F. A. Stokes Col, 1940.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. The Way of an Eagle; an Intimate Biograph of Thomas Jefferson and His Fight for Democracy. Decorations by James Daugherty. London and New York: Oxford University Press, 1941.

Daugherty, Sonia Medvedeva. Wings of Glory. Illustrations by James Daugherty. London and New York: Oxford University Press, 1940.

Dickens, Charles. Barnaby Rudge, a Tale of the Riots of ’80. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Heritage Press, 1941.

Dix. Beulah Marie. Hugh Gwyeth; a Roundhead Cavalier. New York: Macmillan, 1928.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The White Company, a Novel. With illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: Harper, 1928.

Doyle, A. Conan. Sir Nigel. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1931.

Dumas, Alexandre. The Three Musketeers. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Macmillan, 1962.

Elkin, Benjamin. Gillespie and the Guards. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Viking Press, 1956.

Elkin, Benjamin. The Loudest Noise in the World. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Viking Press, 1954.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. The Sounds of Trumpets; Selections from Ralph Waldo Emerson. With illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: Viking Press, 1971.

Finger, Charles Joseph. Courageous Companions. Pictures by James H. Daugherty. New York: Longmans, Green, 1929.

Garis, Howard Roger. Tuftoo, the Clown. New York: D. Appleton, 1928.

Gavian, Ruth W., Gray, A. A., Groves, Ernest R. Our Changing Social Order. Revised edition. Drawings by James Daugherty. New York: D. C. Heath and Company, 1939.

Gollomb, Joseph. Tuning in at Lincoln High. Illustrations by James Daugherty. The Macmillan Company (unacknowledged but listed in Macmillan’s promotion), 1926.

Horne, Richard Henry. King Penguin; a Legend of the South Sea Isles. Illustrated by Jimmie Daugherty. New York: Macmillan Co., 1925.

Hubbell, Jay Broadus, ed. American Life in Literature. Rev. ed. New York: Harper, 1949.

Hunt, Mabel Leigh. Better Known as Johnny Appleseed. Decorations by James Daugherty. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1950.

Inman, Herbert Escott. Wulnoth, the Wanderer, a Story of King Alfred of England. New ed., illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Longmans, Green, 1928.

Irving, Washington. The Bold Dragoon, and Other Ghostly Tales. With decorative diversions by James Daugherty. New Amsterdam [New York]: A. A. Knopf, 1930.

Irving, Washington. Knickerbocker’s History of New York. With pictorial pleasantries by James Daugherty. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Doran, 1928.

Irwin, Violet. The Mountain of Jade. New York: Macmillan Co., 1926.

Lamb, Peter O. The Sign of the Buffalo Skull: the Story of Jim Bridger, Frontier Scout. With illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: F. A. Stokes Co., 1932.

Lang, Andrew. The Conquest of Montezuma’s Empire. Illustrated with foreword by James Daugherty. New York: Longmans, Green, 1928.

McElroy, Margaret Julia. The Adventures of Johnny T. Bear. With drawings by James Daugherty. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1926.

Matthews, Etta Lane. Over the Blue Wall. Illustrations by James Daugherty. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1937.

Meigs, Cornelia Lynde. Call of the Mountain. Illustrations by James Daugherty. Boston: Little, Brown, 1940.

Meirs, Earl Schenck. The Rainbow Book of American History. Illustrated by James Daugherty. Cleveland: World Pub. Co., 1955.

Meirs, Earl Schenck. The Rainbow Book of American History. New and rev. ed. Illustrated by James Daugherty. Cleveland: World Pub. Co., 1968.

Otis, James. Benjamin of Ohio. A Story of the Settlement of Marietta. Illustrations by James Daugherty (pp. 15, 24, 53, 55, 60-61, 65, 79, 81, 89, 97, 107, 124). New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: American Book Company, 1912.

Otis, James. Peter of New Amsterdam; A Story of Old New York. Illustrations by James Daugherty (pp. 120, 122, 124, 125). New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: American Book Company , 1910.

Otis, James. Richard of Jamestown; A Story of the Virginia Company. Illustrations by James Daugherty (pp. 98, 104, 144, 145, 146, 150, 157, 159, 162). New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: American Book Company, 1910.

Parkman, Francis. The Oregon Trail. With an introduction by Mark Van Doren. Illlustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Farrar & Rinehart, 1931.

Parsons, Geoffrey. The Stream of History. Decorations by James Daugherty. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1928.

Pierson, Clara Dillingham. The Plucky Allens. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1925.

Poling, Daniel Alfred. A Treasury of Best-Loved Hymns. With designs by James H. Daugherty. New York: Pickwick Press, 1942.

Powers, Alfred. A Long Way to Frisco; a Folk Adventure Novel of Caliifornia and Oregon in 1852. Drawings by James Daugherty. Boston: Little, Brown, 1951.

Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur Thomas. The Splendid Spur; Being Memoirs of the Adventures of Mr. John Marvel, a Servant of His Late Majesty, King Charles I, in the Years 1642-3. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: G. H. Doran Co., 1927.

Rickert, Edith. The Blacksmith and the Blackbirds. Pictures by James Daugherty. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Doran, 1928.

Rogers, Cameron. Drake’s Quest. With illustrations by James Daugherty. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Page, 1927.

Ross, Margaret Isabel. Morgan’s Fourth Son. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Harper, 1940.

Sandburg, Carl. Abe Lincoln Grows Up. With illustrations by James Daugherty. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1928.

Sandburg, Carl. Early Moon. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1930.

Shakespeare, William. Three Comedies by William Shakespeare [Merchant of Venice; The Tempest; As You Like It]. Decorations by James Daugherty. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1929.

Shapiro, Irwin. Heroes in American Folklore. Illustrated by James Daugherty and Donald McKay. J. Messner, 1962.

Shapiro, Irwin. Joe Magarac and His U.S.A. Citizen Papers. Pictures by James Daugherty. New York: J. Messner, 1948.

Shapiro, Irwin. John Henry and the Double Jointed Steam-Drill. With drawings by James Daugherty. New York: J. Messner, 1945.

Shapiro, Irwin. Yankee Thunder, the Legendary Life of Davy Crockett. Pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Junior Literary Guild and J. Messner, 1944.

Spears, Raymond S. Camping on the Great Lakes. Frontispiece by James Daugherty. New York: Harper & Bros., 1913.

Stowe, Harriet Elizabeth (Beecher). Uncle Tom’s Cabin. With designs by James Daugherty. New York: Coward-McCann, 1929.

Swift, Hildegarde Hoyt. The Railroad to Freedom; a Story of the Civil War. Illustrated by James Daugherty. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1932.

Their Weight in Wildcats: Tales of the Frontier. Illustrated by James Daugherty.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1936.

The March of Freedom. Illustrations (and text?) by James Daugherty. No publisher listed but produced by McCann-Erickson, Inc., c.1950.

Thoreau, Henry David. Henry David Thoreau, a Man for Our Time. Selections and drawings by James Daugherty. New York: Viking Press, 1967.

Thornton, Willis. Almanac for Americans. Pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Greenberg, 1941.

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Train, Arthur Cheney. The Lost Gospel. With a frontispiece by James Daugherty. New York: C. Scribner’s Sons, 1925.

Wald, Lillian D. Windows on Henry Street. With drawings from life by James Daugherty. Boston: Little, Brown, 1934.

Watson, Elizabeth. The Story of Bread. With pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Harper, 1927.

Watson, Elizabeth. The Story of Milk and How It Came About. With pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Harper, 1927.

Watson, Elizabeth. The Story of Textiles. With pictures by James Daugherty. New York: Harper, 1928.

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both in color) (Weston Woods, Weston, CT, 06883).